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Cauliflower & white bean soup . This is the last dinner we had of our yoga retr…

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Cauliflower & white bean soup ✨
This is the last dinner we had of our yoga retreat 😋
Few of the girls asked for the recipe so I thought you might be interested as well!
It’s so comforting for a winter night and while it takes a bit of steps to make it, you will definitely be pleased with the result 🥰
Ingredients : (4people)
* one big head of cauliflower (700-800g)
* 800g of canned white beans, the best ones are the very small ones called navy beans (400g if you by them dry like me, you’ll need to soak them overnight and cook them for 90min)
* 1 onion
* 3 garlic cloves
* 2cm piece of ginger
* 1l of veggie broth + 1l of water
* 2 Bay leaves, 2 spring of thyme & rosemary
* salt & pepper
* 4tbsp of nutritional yeast 😋
* toppings : pumpkin seeds
Chop and Roast the cauliflower for 30min at 200° with some oil, salt & pepper
In a pot, cook the onion, garlic and ginger with some oil until fragrant
Add all the ingredients (appart from the cauliflower & nutrionnal yeast) bring it to a gentle boil then reduce to low simmer for 30min
Add the 2 remaining ingredients, remove the herbs and mix the soup with an immersion blender
Taste and adjust 😊
I served the soup with
* home made crouton (old bread brushed with garlic oil and cooked for 20min at 200°)
* roasted broccoli (roasted for 20min at 180° for 20min)
* a basil pesto
* tahini sauce
All of that plated in the beautiful ceramic creation of alicefougeret from the latelierkla!
Thank you again for landing us your beautiful art it was an honor! 🤩
I hope I didn’t miss anything writing all of that.. I like to improvise when I cook so I never remember it all 😅 but that should cover it!
Let me know if you have any questions ☺️
Have a beautiful day ✨